Does Money Grow On Trees? True or False!

The cliché “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees” has been quoted time and time again in the financial world. As a financial proverb, it is probably used to express that money doesn’t come that easily.

When you were a kid, do you remember being taught about money? Did your parents ever say that “money doesn’t grow on trees” when they refused to give you cash? Is this really a true statement?

Have you ever really thought, “Where and How Does Money Come To Us?”

Jaime Tardy, on her site Eventual Millionaire has a post that give us a clear picture how things really come to us.

Does Money Grow on Trees.. Really?
Posted by Jaime

All my life I have been fascinated with money. I remember one day when I was about six years old my father told me, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. After I thought about it, in my six year old mind I decided that it should. (plus paper is made from trees so doesn’t money grow on trees?)

I went outside, found a nice small tree and told everyone that it was my money tree. I took care of it. I made anyone that wanted to ‘buy; anything from me had to use the leaves from that tree. All of my friends had to use those leaves, and I was the keeper of the tree. I was now rich!

Isn’t that sort of how money works? You grow your wealth, and essentially that is your money tree. You become the keeper of that money tree, and if you nourish it and stay ahead of it’s needs, it will keep growing.

Everyone starts with a seed. This seed has the potential of growing in to a huge money tree. But what happens if you don’t plant it in the soil? What happens if you don’t know how to take care of it and nurture it?

The seed is you. You have the potential to be a millionaire. How do I know that? Because millionaire’s exist from all walks of life. Rich or poor, genius or not, you have the potential to become a millionaire.

The soil is your foundation. Your foundation is your attitude, how determined you are to reach your goal, and your mindset during the journey. If it’s acidic, your plant will not grow easily.

The water is your money. You must go out and find water. You can either collect a few droplets of rain at a time, you can search for a river, or you can even dig your own well! Either way it can all add up to a healthy money tree. If you drink all of your water (spend your money!) then your tree won’t grow.

The sunshine is your knowledge. There should be a constant stream of light on your tree. Learning from our mistakes, and from mentors will provide the light to keep going. There will be cloudy days, but the sun rises every day and if you stick with it you will learn heaps.

Trees take time to grow, and so does money. Nurturing it every day and giving the care it deserves will make you rich.

How is your money tree growing?
Is it lacking water, soil or sunshine?

This post was included in the Carnival Of Personal Finance – Canadian Banknotes Edition.

Jaime Tardy’s site is about becoming a millionaire by getting out of debt, creating your ideal life style, and making a million doing what you love. This site is NOT about working 80+ hours per week and never seeing your family, that’s why it’s called Eventual Millionaire.

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  • Great story thanks for sharing. Everything needs a good foundation to build and produce good anchorage for development.

    We live in a world of creation and if we want to think that money grows on trees then so be it. 🙂


  • Perry…Money does not grow on tress, but true wealth grows like a tree. I like how you brought out about the seed getting planted and then you nurture it as it grows. True wealth is a long term game and it is like a garden…it must be tended to to grow properly.

  • Hi Perry

    What an amazing story and analogy! It makes the whole concept of taking care of our money and making it grow come alive!! i love gardens, trees and plants, so I was right there with you! I think children could relate very well to this story too. I love this second blog of yours too Perry!

  • As a kid I always thought people were silly because yes money did grow on trees… (plus paper is made from trees so doesn’t money grow on trees?)

    I really did think that! 🙂

    Planting seeds and nurturing them is so very important in everything we do. Realizing that it does take time to grow a tree, build a relationship or get rich is an important lesson to learn.

  • I really enjoy this one. Kids now a days should know that money doesn’t grow on trees. Giving them rewards for doing something good and teaching them to earn some money in little ways is a way of training them.

  • Definitely heard that line as a child!! I love the way this is explained.. I often thought well money does come from paper so it can sort of be related to growing on trees. Great post!

  • Hi Perry,

    Many thanks for this post. I really like the way you explain how important it is to plant the right seeds. It is so important to build the right foundations with skills and be surrounded by the right people for our financial and personal welfare. Take care Rosemary

  • A nice post to give us all a bit of perspective. I would also add that seeking to find success by helping others be successful will help YOU become a success much quicker than seeking success with solely a financial goal.

  • Very enjoyable article Perry,
    Yep, I think that phrase about money is one that’s introduced to us at a very young age. I must admit I think very little of the green stuff – though I think quite a lot about what I can do with it. Maybe I need to start focusing on the paper stuff a bit more!

  • Hi Perry,

    thank you for sharing this great article with the wonderful story.

    Yes, we are the seed and our attitude is our foundation.
    Being aware of our attitude and our feelings can help us fine tune the magnet that is inside of us, which attracts whatever we are tuned into, consciously or subconsciously.


  • Yet another great post Perry. I don’t think I’ve met anyone that hasn’t heard of the saying “money grows on trees”.

    Seed, soil, water, and sunshine…all the things that we “plants” need in order to grow indeed. I believe (at the time of writing this comment) that I am a strong and sturdy seed. I am producing very rich soil (my foundation) because I am growing myself with mistakes – learning from them – and learning how to face challenges and obstacles in life, thus helping me to reach my goals a lot faster than the next person (without personal development). I am definitely avoiding all acidic environments as much as possible.

    I am most definitely using the right tools to dig my own well. And I am also allowing a constant flow of sun rays (knowledge) to shine on me.

    Thanks for sharing this great analogy with us! I’ll be using it to help others view life and goals in a different perspective.

    -Jaclyn Castro

  • Perry

    I enjoyed this article very much, It is interesting to me how just looking at a subject in a different light can change ones whole perspective about it.

    To me when many of our folks told us ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ It left us with a Lack/poverty mentality about the subject…as if there was never enough.

    Finally at 55 years young I believe my ideas about Money are changing for the ‘good’. Money is a medium of exchange’ that can allow us to do much good in our world. I now look at Money as an EFFECT of my mindset ,,,,my mindset is the CAUSE of whether I have an Abundance of $ or Lack of $.

    Matt Geib The Great

  • Hi Pery!
    I wanted to stop by and say hello to see your blog! Great story I enjoyed it. So much education needs to be done about money and stories like this are a good tool. Thanks for this 🙂

  • Perry

    Thanks for sharing this. I was brought up with the idea money didn’t grow on trees too! I remember telling my mother that the paper came from trees so…. That didn’t go over so good. I love the story!!

    Have a Great Day

  • Perry,
    Very appealing story. So true. Money does grow, just like leaves grow on a tree. But money, the paper, is not the source. The source is actually the ability to tap into the energy of the universe, to nurture that energetic connection, to align your thoughts with this energy, and to then just allow the money to grow and fill up your life.

  • Adrian Campbell Link

    Well money does come from paper, which is initially trees…so yes, money does come from trees! j/k

    Good article talking about money management and responsibility. We are not taught about money til later in life, yet schools have no problem teaching math, reading and writing. It would be good to see real world stuff like money management be taught.

  • This is a great story Perry. Growing money is very similar to growing anything else. You need your foundation, and then you take that seed and nurture it to fruition.

  • This is a wonderful story that is rather thought provoking. Enjoyed the read! Something of interest. When you place anything under a powerful enough microscope you see the same thing LIVE ENERGY. Money is absolutely energy and therefore must grow on trees. 🙂

  • Hi Perry, how have you been? I grew up hearing the same thing… “Do you think money grows on trees?” and Lisa is right. We never even talked about income in the work environment. Today with the help of the internet kids can start learning business pretty early. Parents are even teaching their kids the strategies of the rich. Family banks, proper investments and leadership to pass on from generation to generation. Oh, how times have changed but it all starts with growing your tree.

  • I love this — totally makes sense 😉 “paper is made from trees so doesn’t money grow on trees?”
    What a wonderful post Perry!!
    I work a lot with visualizations and what I am taking away from your post translates for me to an image of a beautiful money tree. and all the suggestions (seeds, foundation, water, sun etc.) are a part of this picture. First I see it in my mind and then it becomes a reality. Thanks for painting this green picture for me 🙂

    Sigal Zoldan

  • Perry, when I was young I was taught never to talk about money. We never had an idea how much our folks made and when I entered in to the employment circle people were fired if they said anything about their income. Oh how times have changed. Money and education about money are important in building the foundation of a financially free future. Thanks for sharing.

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