What is your response to the darkness?

There are times in our life when we are entombed in our troubles, days and years when darkness surrounds us. In such hours of despair we have choices, though they may not always be apparent.

The purpose of today’s Life Design Recipe is to help us be aware of our choices. Fred Smith, Sr., is one the best to help us with our choices.

Fred Smith, Sr was known as a man of wisdom and principle-centered thinking. His career spanned 65 years of executive positions with General Shoe Corporation, William Powell Valve, and Gruen Watch. As President of Fred Smith Associates, a management consulting firm, his clients included GENESCO, Mobil Oil, Caterpillar, Campbell-Taggart, Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company, and the Taft law firm, among many others.

Fred’s food packaging brokerage fell to the mergers and acquisitions pressure of the 1980s. In a time of great economic uncertainty, he wrote in a letter, “I like to believe in the combination of faith and work, no matter how financial matters rise or fall. I like to believe we are eagles who are driven to soar when we are most sore. We zig and zag, but always focus on doing it “Thy” way. Remember, we are not given a spirit of fear, but one of love, power, and a sound mind.”

The Challenge of Dark Times
Fred Smith Sr

Thoughtful people are telling us we are living in darkening times. We do not know how much darker the times will get, nor how long the darkness may last before we see a turn.

Nations are at each others throats; nuclear problems threaten; public education is in crisis; welfare programs designed to lift people are creating dependency; racism is rife; disease is on the increase.

Yet, as Christians, our hope and help is brighter than the darkest night. The darkness is the bad news – the light of Christ is the good news. “You are the light of the world.” This light can never be extinguished.

Voltaire boastfully predicted “within 100 years Christianity would only be remembered in museums.” Before that 100 years ended, his home was used by the Geneva Bible Society.

In the darkest night, the smallest candle is valuable. We know, by faith, the darkness will never extinguish our Light. But our light must be taken to the darkness to be effective.

We must decide to regard the darkness as challenge or threat. I once asked Roger Staubach, legendary QB of the Dallas Cowboys, how he responded to throwing an interception. “I can’t wait to get my hands on the ball again.” He was challenged, not threatened by the circumstances.

We have squandered many opportunities for Christian testimony and favor. We need to redeem our leadership. We can! We have not only the light, but the faith given us by the Lord. Ours is not a fragile faith — it is tough stuff. It is faith that grows stronger under pressure. Persecution will burn off the fuzz of sentimentality and lethargy.

A.W. Tozer said, “My flame may be small, but it is real.” The darkness cannot endure the light. The darkness will not extinguish the light of the Light.

Remember the good news when the bad news shouts so loudly. It is real; it is strong; it is eternal.
The Weekly Thought from Breakfast With Fred
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Something to Think About:
1) How can I communicate this message to others?

2) What is my response to the darkness?

3) When do I substitute threat for opportunity?

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